Wewe Mimi Sisi is a celebration of the union between ancient African wisdom with contemporary Black excellence which gives life to a beautiful future legacy for our children.

Wewe Mimi Sisi is a celebration of the union between ancient African wisdom with contemporary Black excellence which gives life to a beautiful future legacy for our children.


Wewe Mimi Sisi translates as ‘You, Me, Us’ in Swahili and is a passion project developed by Drop A Jewel Network’s founder Nii Klotey Quaye and his daughter Xolani.

While being home-schooled during the UK’s Covid-19 lockdown of Spring/Summer 2020, Xolani developed a love for watching Youtube shows which incorporated story telling with movement. Wanting to establish Garveyite principles in Xolani from a young age, and seeing an opportunity to plant the seed that ‘thoughts become things’, the two of them agreed to adapt one of Xolani’s favourite classic African stories for the screen, with the further intention to develop tales and fables from both the continent and the diaspora in the same manner.

Using the extensive network that Drop A Jewel had developed since 2018, as well as the young talent within their own family, an incredible team of Black creatives was assembled, each of who instantaneously bought into the vision.

Boasting primary school, music production, university, and yoga students as well as an illustrator and musician who each are respectively internationally renowned, Wewe Mimi Sisi is a celebration of the union between ancient African wisdom with contemporary Black excellence which gives life to a beautiful future legacy for our children.

Coupled with dynamic movement, Wewe Mimi Sisi, is a fun digital space to develop the physical and mental health of children to cater to their overall well-being.

Following the teachings of Dr Khalid Muhammad, it is important for us to receive both information and inspiration. Often, we have tried to teach our children their culture out of context of their reality. This offering serves to correct this approach by putting children at the heart of Africa, to allow the Africa that is in their hearts to blossom.

Cast & Crew


Visionary. A passionate yoga student and fashion designer, Haliymah is the embodiment of elegance and smoothness of movement. With the love for her Ghanaian culture as the foundation of her creative expression, she is able to deliver on her purpose with flare and professionalism. Haliymah Co-Produced and Performed the movement sequence for the pilot episode ‘Anansi & The Yams’. She also sewed the trousers which she wore.

For all enquiries please contact Haliymah via hali@adomaaonline.com and follow on Instagram @hali_sade

ZA of Studio 44

Meticulous. Studio 44 are fast becoming London’s production company of choice, with a long list of high-quality podcasts, short & feature films, and game shows coming out of their West London studios. Although Green Screen work is a new offering, such is their dedication to detail, they took on the project with excitement and confidence. Studio 44 filmed and edited Wewe Mimi Sisi’s pilot episode ‘Anansi & The Yams’, as well as recorded the narration.

For all enquiries please contact ZA via info@studio44ldn.com and follow on Instagram @Studio44Ldn


Celestial. Articulate & emotive beyond her 5 years, Xolani’s character is endearing to all those who know her. She has been a student at the famous D&B Academy of Performing Arts since she was 3 years old, taking ballet, tap, street dance, drama and singing classes. With an animated persona and beautiful imagination, Xolani contributed to every aspect of Wewe Mimi Sisi’s production, in addition to her role as narrator.


Essential. O is a 16 year old Music student, who already has production credits on tracks for a number of rising London MC’s. Keen to take the opportunity to diversify his production portfolio and develop his skillset, O took complete ownership of the direction of the soundtrack for the pilot episode, tying together the narration and movement to create a holistic ambience.

For all enquiries please contact O via omadeit@icloud.com and follow on Instagram @fiftyttg

Nii Klotey Quaye

Garveyite. Nii describes himself as a ‘Goal Shaper’ as his strength lies in serving his community by cultivating their ideas into tangible and sustainable outcomes, with a focus on interdependence. As the founder of Drop A Jewel Network and Co-Founder of Wewe Mimi Sisi, Nii is the Executive Producer for the series.

For all enquiries please contact Nii via beinspired@dropajewelnetwork.com and follow on Instagram @dropajewelnetwork

Racheal-Louise Quaye

Evocative. Studying in the final year of an undergraduate degree in Acting, Racheal-Louise was brought in to the team to add technical creative expertise to the process. She guided Haliymah’s performance and Xolani’s narration to enhance their expressiveness, creating a truly captivating experience for the viewer. With aspirations to perform in theatre and voice work upon graduation, Racheal-Louise fulfilled the role of Creative Director for the pilot episode ‘Anansi & The Yams’.

For all enquiries please contact Racheal-Louise via RL@dropajewelnetwork.com and follow @rachealquaye_

Mikel Ameen

World Changer. Mikel’s spiritual assignment is to carry the message that heaven on Earth is possible, and we can each create this via our thoughts, intentions and actions. Through #ChezaRoho, music, spiritual health coaching and cultural experiences he helps people to create their own personal and communal paradise. Mikel developed the amazing theme tune for the series.

For all enquiries please contact Mikel via info@worldchangerlife.com and follow on Instagram @mikel_the_energy

Selom Sunu

Immersive. 2020 has seen Selom featured in Puffin’s ‘Big Book of Dreams’ as well as design the cover art for the New York Time’s Best Selling series ‘RUN’. Fitting accolades for a graphic artist who vividly brings stories to life with his character and world design. A devoted Christian, husband and father, Selom produced all the captivating artwork for the pilot episode ‘Anansi & The Yams’.

For all enquiries please contact Selom via selomsunu@gmail.com and follow on Instagram @selomsunu86

Cancer Pulse Foundation

The pilot episode has been dedicated to Xolani's late grandmother who sadly passed away from Cancer in Feb 2019. We felt it would be fitting to show support to an Ugandan based Charity, working tirelessly to create a cancer free world. You can support CPF via their website http://www.cancerpulsefoundation.org

Frank May Children's Home

Haliymah's hometown of Techiman, Ghana is resident to a local Children's home who's work involves housing orphans, providing medical care and schooling for children. You can support FM Children's Home via their website https://frankmayghana.wordpress.com