Mission Statement

To Create a Social Culture of Accountability and Interdependence

Mission Statement

To Create a Social Culture of Accountability and Interdependence

About Us

Drop A Jewel Network has been created to be a space for people to be authentically vulnerable whilst simultaneously showing the best of their capabilities. 

We believe significant cultural shift is needed; too many of us have bought into the backward ideology that says we should ‘hustle in silence’ and ‘stay quiet about your goals and smash them’ This encourages people to work on their ideas alone, and not draw upon the collective resources – whether mental, financial or otherwise – that could propel them into the position they desire to be in.  

We are completely ANTI this mindsetwhich is what led us to develop our mission statement

To Create a Social Culture of Accountability and Interdependence 

We define Accountability as ‘Ensuring that we are each living up to our individual greatness’, and Interdependence as ‘Working together to live up to our collective greatness’. We say ‘Social Culture’ as many of us harness these virtues in our professional lives, but we see no reason why these same skills can’t be applied to our personal lives.

Our Founder

Raised as a Garveyite, Nii Klotey Quaye has always had a sense of commitment to collaborating with his peers for collective development. From mentoring students in secondary school, organising African history talks in college, and being the ‘06-’07 University of Manchester’s African Caribbean Society President, Nii has consistently made room in his life for this unwavering sense of responsibility to his community.  

Nii is a full Member of the RICS, and has over 14 years in industry. He is an active APC Counsellor and Assessor, helping candidates achieve Chartered status for themselves. With a passion for coaching and mentoring future leaders, Nii has also obtained a Level 3 Coaching Certificate with the Institute of Leadership and Management, and has basic DBS clearance. 

Rather than a ‘Coach’, Nii describes himself as a ‘Goal Shaper’ as his strength lies in assisting his Clients as they attempt to cultivate their ideas into something tangible and sustainable.  

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We aim to embed a fresh way of thinking in our community, which demonstrates the best way to obtain Success is Together, by providing the following services:

  • Workshops, Coaching & Mentoring

    Our qualified coaches have curated workshops and coaching/mentoring programmes, designed to identify and nourish the best of any individual’s talents, allowing them to flourish in their personal and professional lives. For more information on how we can nurture your natural gifts, please get in touch here

  • Project Consultancy

    Putting our years of project management expertise to use, and utilising our extensive network of professionals and creatives, we provide support and guidance as you shape the idea in your mind into something tangible. You can view our project portfolio here

Project Consultancy

Drop A Jewel Network is committed to demonstrating that the Black community has everything we need within ourselves as individuals and as a collective to flourish. This is a selection of projects brought about through the collaborative efforts of some of our most brilliant minds and exciting talents.

Contact Us

If you are interested in registering for an Online workshop, Coaching or Mentoring for groups or individuals, or would like to discuss tailored workshops for your school, college or business, feel free to get in touch below:



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